Corpus California

Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

Gospel JN 6:51-58 / June 22, 2014 - Young Missionaries of the Holy Father -- Los Angeles Ca. US


Jesus Christ in our midst in His silence and love… As a youth minister, working with the youth for over a year now, trying to figure out how to bring the youth to Christ I have been analyzing and praying and most importantly keeping my heart open to the will of God. I must admit, it has been challenging. People have warned me about the challenges there is in trying to bring the youth to Christ. It is evident, that most of our youth are distracted with materialism, social life, technology and all the other things that the world has to offer, but in the midst of all this distraction, Jesus is alive calling on the youth to walk with Him.

Jesus it is good and necessary that we walk with you…

Corpus Christi Procession, Jesus walking with our youth.

The first activity of the year; Walking with Christ. Our youth walked in silence and adoration. The procession consisted in the visitation of four altars, that were already arranged with flowers for benediction and recitation of gospels, prayers and songs in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Only God knows what happened in the silence of the youngsters’ hearts, and only Christ can enter in the depths of their soul, and only Christ can change their heart.

After an hour of procession the Young Missionaries of the Holy Father joined another hour of the Sunday celebration of the mass. I must admit that it was a hot summer day and the youth felt it, but in spite of the heat, they received something that only Jesus can give and it was endurance and perseverance.

Finally at the end of the celebration of the mass, we joined a celebration outside the parish in honor of Corpus Christi here the youth got to celebrate and interact with the community and each other Overall, our first activity of the year was a reminder that Jesus in the presence of the Holy Eucharist is and should be our main focus to continue in our journey of life and the motivation for our youth group.

We thank Jesus for giving us the invitation to walk with Him. Thank you Jesus…all Honor and Glory to you.












Alejandra Zarate

Young Missionaries of the Holy Father - Los Angeles, California. US





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