October Feast


Young Missionaries of the Holy Father and Pilgrims of Love, Los Angeles, Ca participated in the

San Secondo d'Asti Catholic Church October's Feast 2013.


We count with the support of our parish priest and the community. October Fest is an event where families gather and offer their service to the church and to God by being parishioners that come together as a community and offer different ideas of evangelization and support to our parish priest, touching on the subject of evangelization that our Pope Francis reminds us today: To be credible witnesses of the beauty of God's Love, Mercy, Tenderness, and Joy. He is inviting us to go out and share our ideas and beliefs; Pope Francis also stressed on the pastoral work of the dioceses and parishes, saying we must always be centered on Jesus Christ as the very essence part of our faith and added that parents are always the first witnesses and educators of the faith in their families.




October fest was really all that Pope Francis is exhorting us!

Now our work as Christians is to start a Holy riot and go out to our parishes and dioceses and offer our service.

God Bless you all!..... YMHF - California

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