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14th September 2014 / Young Missionaries of the Holy Father - California US




Alejandra Zarate

My Name is Alejandra Zarate (With her husband on the right) I started attending the Pilgrims of Love Foundation prayer group in 2010 in Los Angeles, California . I am a full time stay-at-home mom and wife. I am currently working with the Young Missionaries of the Holy Father. I was asked to write a small paragraph on another article and of a different subject, but I thought it’d be best to just review the activities and amazing experiences we have been having in this youth group.

First of all, I’d like to say that like any other group just starting out we have had little challenges, from being late and trying to make it on time, to figuring out what other activities to do next. In June, we began our little journey with our first event of the year, The solemnity of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ (Corpus Christy), which was the call of our Lord Jesus Christ to start walking with Him. Our next event was the family conference and it was a good experience for the youth to interact with other youth and families. Our third event was the Solemnity of the Blessed virgin Mary this event was particularly special because it was not well planned like I mentioned earlier we have had little challenges and differences in opinions differences in opinion doesn’t necessary mean negative opinions just.. Different, overall we have team work. It turns out that the mass for this particular celebration was going to be celebrated in Latin which to my surprise it was very different than our regular mass. On arrival at the church we were handed a mass guide booklet that translated Latin into English so we could understand the Latin mass, this experience was unique and one of a kind. I never knew that back in the days people celebrated the mass in this particular way, we would kneel, sit, stand several times during mass and our youth participated very well. I must admit that at times I was confused which page to read, Latin or English but it was a total gift from God for all of us. Finally after mass we decided to take Mother Mary roses thanks to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in one of the mom’s. The idea was for each Child to gift Mother Mary a rose in honor of the seven virtues which are Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance, Faith, Hope, Charity it all turned out very well. I must admit that we have lots of work to do as a group and we are yet to grow more in these seven virtues.

We feel as if we are family and accept each other just the way we are with a deep conviction that we must always help and encourage each other to become a better person in Jesus Christ.

With deep love and gratitude. Alejandra Zarate



Maria Lopez


I am very excited and blessed to be able to have my two youngest children partake in this youth group. My name is Maria Del Rosario Lopez. (On the left) I have been collaborating with the mission, Pilgrims of Love, since 2008. Since my kids joined the group in June of 2014, we have been very blessed in attending several events that has depend the spiritual relationship of each missioner's with their faith. Our first event was Walking With Christ in a procession on Corpus Christi. Our second event was a family congress were the young catholic missioner's had the opportunity to hear several talk , I am sure they felt and heard the voice of Christ. Our third event was the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we were fortunate in attending Latin Mass and hearing the songs honoring our Mother; our heats were overjoyed. I am looking forward to planning and attending more events that will help out the youth. I am also praying that this group will continue to expand and grow to become something even more wonderful and precious.

I can't wait to see just how many lives God will change and how many hearts the Virgin Mary will touch to become better and beautiful missioner's of Christ. Like Pope Francis said, "Let's make a lot of noise!"

In Christ and Mary, Maria R. Lopez


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