Inspiring religious vocations…

Carmelite Sisters of the most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles - YMHF / Los Ángeles Ca.


The girls of the Young Missionaries of the Holy Father had a day of reflection and religious inspiration. It was a beautiful day for these girls to experience the beauty of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. On arrival, one can appreciate the silence of the convent with its beautiful and tranquil gardens. On entering the interior of the convent, the girls had the opportunity to see some of the religious walk-arounds as they were doing their duties. That alone gave us a sense of being in a special place. In this convent, the girls experienced talking to one of the Carmelite Sisters where we were able to present our group and explain who we are and what our mission is (along with a ten minute reflection in front of the Blessed Sacrament).


To our surprise…

Missionaries of Charity

We did not plan on visiting The Missionaries of Charity. While being in the Carmel, phone calls were made to see if we would be able to visit the Missionaries of Charity. The whole thing was a blessing. Jesus had an unexpected surprise for us. It so happened that the Missionaries of Charity said for us to go over. Their convent, being a couple of steps away, behind the Carmel, we saw these nuns and endeavored on a one-of-a-kind experience. The sister got so excited to see us, with such a warming, greeting smile, that she wanted to give us everything she had(rosaries, and other religious values)! What a lesson of “giving,” Mother Teresa has given these missionaries! What an example of self sacrifice! On examining this house, we realized that a couple of things were missing in this convent like: air conditioning, computers, and internet. One of the sisters told us they have a phone, but they hardly use it. Most of the time they are in prayer or out helping the poorest of the poor. Our visit was short, but we sure did enjoy it and we hope to come back. This visit left the girls with inspiration to think of their plausible vocation, whatever that may be…

With gratitude and Love, YMHF- CALIFORNIA


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