Above and Beyond

Ask yourself What keeps us going?

Young Missionaries of the Holy Father / Febrero 2016 / Los Ángeles, Ca. US


Why do us, as humans, keep striving to live? What’s the point in continuing on in our lives if all we’re going to do is die? Aren’t all of our efforts going to go to waste? All of the hard work at the job, all of the money we ever earned, all of the nice clothes we bought… We cannot bring any of it to the grave. So why do we keep on going? Why should we, as Catholics, value life over death? It may seem like a hefty question designed for an experienced, complex philosopher, but one might actually find the answer to be very simple.

If we lived in a society that valued the “self” over the people, everybody would be high off of individualism; there would be no room for sacrifice. In order for someone to follow the golden rule: love thy neighbor as thyself, they must contain self-denial. Human impulses are consuming. The flesh comes from the root of all evil, our flesh was never meant to die. Our secular selves have a tendency to strive for pleasure and feed off the individual. The consequences of such desires are an emptiness that cannot be fulfilled by any other than God. When one integrates God into the core of their being, they are humbled to a spiritual state of adoration and appreciation. Whilst in this humbled state, the egotistical self is thrown away, which allows room for others to enter into our lives. This is how we, as Catholics, love: never in the glory of self, but always in the light of God. When one centers themselves in the core of their experience, selfishness consumes the behavior of that individual and the consequence is the death practice of that spirit. When a pregnant woman only cares for her own situation, and contains no hope for the child, she is full of her own ideas and is not linked with God’s plan. If Isaac Newton was aborted, we would not have a conception of Gravity. Imagine if we never had Mother Teresa to improve Calcutta, or provide us with her spirituality. Life should not have to be argued for. If one doesn’t value life, what reason do they have for existence? God loves each and every one of his children and wants us to pursue sainthood on earth. However what is one to do in a world that glorifies the self? How can we make a change or a difference in this lifetime? How is one to obtain this saint like qualities? In this multitude of people sometimes we experience the differences of opinions and influence of others believers and non-believers.

How am I to know the will of God? Do we march for life and think that we are somehow contributing to a change in ourselves and society? There is a need to see and appreciate the simplicity of life.

One needs to realize that God is not a thing outside of us and realize that God lives inside each and every one of us and that one person is most valued by the almighty God. We must look beyond the false self and attempt to love, pursuing all people in love in spite the contradictions we see in them: like the abortionist, the homosexual, the adulterer, the politician that is against our faith and values. As Catholics we must begin the change in our own person with true and honest conversion if we want change in society. We no longer have the luxury to procrastinate our conversion it is a time for action. One must never corrupt our faith; instead we must look to the Catholic faith as the root of all that is holy and the guide for us to make a real difference in the world.

Mario Zarate





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