Imitating the Saints


This Saturday June 15 Young Missionaries of the Holy Father participated at Saint Peter and Saint Paul Catholic Church Family Vocation Conference with the name of Imitating the Saints!

It was fun for the whole family, Vocation reflections were organized into three groups according to age. Children and parents were separated and were given a different talk.

The Young Missionaries of the Holy Father enjoyed a talk from Priest and Religious. Some of the talks the priest and religious sisters gave to the youth were on their lives of conversion and how they came to discern their vocation, inspiring young children to someday think or contemplate the thought of maybe becoming a religious bother or sister or to even think of the Priesthood. 

We had different Religious Orders and Clergy in attendance from all surrounding local areas. It was a day full of fun, food and entertainment. We even had some Breakdancing, Beatboxing Priest that was a lot of fun!. 

We ended our day with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Homily, Confessions, Eucharistic songs, Communal Rosary, Litany to Saint Joseph and Benediction. We look forward to visiting these convents with such wonderful dedicated priest and religious orders. We also would like to thank them for their service to us.

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