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The Young Missionaries of the Holy Father discussed the natural ranks of life. Rocks, plants, animals, and man, are within these ranks. With no life in anyway, rocks are at the bottom.

Plants do have life so they conquer rocks. Animals, having locomotion, are above plants and rocks. Humans have the God given gift of a soul and intellect, therefore, they are superior to all other ranks of life, except God himself but the youth did not learn just that.






They learned that due to our worldly teachings, we degrade the dignity of life.  For example: abortion, euthanasia, and immodesty. They even discussed an incident in which a man was ill and needed water, that was not being given to him, and the plant next to him was receiving more what than he was.

This, hereby, made the plant better than the human because people tended to it more than the man, therefore making him equal to a rock.

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